Need Online Ordering Assistance?

Online ordering is now available in numerous markets throughout the U.S. Customers can to access the online ordering process and determine if online ordering is available at your local Pita Pit. If you are having trouble with our online ordering system, please contact your local Pita Pit and tell us about the problem you're having.

Where can I find your Allergen Information?

Right here! Downloadable PDF

Where can I find your Nutrition Information?

Right here! Downloadable PDF

Do you cater?

Yes! Our locations love to cater! As each Pita Pit is individually owned and operated please click here to contact your local Pita Pit about catering.

How do I open a Pita Pit franchise?

Start by being awesome…then click here to learn all about becoming a Pita Pit franchisee!

How do I apply for a job or contact someone regarding my current employment?

Pita Pit restaurants are independently owned and operated by individual franchisees. Please contact the desired independently owned location directly regarding employment opportunities. A: For inquiries about corporate employment opportunities with the franchisor, please send your resume and cover letter to: A: If you work at a franchised Pita Pit restaurant, your employer is the franchisee that independently owns and operates that restaurant. Please direct your questions or comments regarding your employment to your employer. If you wish to provide a comment about your employer to the franchisor, you may do so at, but please understand we cannot take or compel action because we are not your employer.

How do I request sponsorship or donations?

For local event sponsorships or donation requests please to contact your local Pita Pit directly. For corporate level sponsorships or donations please submit your request here: Sponsorship/Donations Form.

How do I become a product supplier?

For Food Product Submission please contact: 

For IT Product Submission please contact: 

For Equipment Supplier Submission please contact:

How do I submit a site to your Real Estate department?

Please contact:

Official Animal Welfare & Humane Treatment Policy

Pita Pit USA has pledged that our chicken producers will meet the animal welfare standards outlined by the Global Animal Partnership, an international farmed animal welfare certification program, by 2024.

For chickens these standards include: transitioning to using breeds determined to have better welfare outcomes; providing more space by reducing maximum stocking density; enhancing living environments including litter quality, lighting, and enrichments; and utilizing a multi-step controlled-atmosphere stunning system.

Pita Pit currently uses a cage-free egg patty. As of March 31, 2021, Pita Pit has sourced cage-free eggs for its restaurants.


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