We are in the process of rolling out a new, chef-inspired menu.  The new menu includes 8 Artisan pitas like the Thai Chicken Pita and Boom Boom Black Bean Pita. We also have 10 classic pitas such as the Gyro Pita, Souvlaki Pita and Buffalo Chicken Pita. It takes time to train and learn how to make great tasting pitas so until we get it right, some Pita Pit restaurants in the USA will have the menu on the web site and some will be serving pitas from the new menu, featured below!

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Q:Where can I find your Allergen Information?

A: Right here! Downloadable PDF

Q:Do you cater?

A: Yes! Our locations love to cater! As each Pita Pit is individually owned and operated please click here to contact your local Pita Pit about catering.

Q:How do I apply for a job or contact someone regarding my current employment?

A: Pita Pit restaurants are independently owned and operated by individual franchisees. Please contact the desired independently owned location directly regarding employment opportunities.
A:For inquiries about corporate employment opportunities with the franchisor, please send your resume and cover letter to:
A:If you work at a franchised Pita Pit restaurant, your employer is the franchisee that independently owns and operates that restaurant. Please direct your questions or comments regarding your employment to your employer. If you wish to provide a comment about your employer to the franchisor, you may do so at, but please understand we cannot take or compel action because we are not your employer.

Q:How do I become a product supplier?

A: For Food Product Submission please contact:
A: For IT Product Submission please contact:
A: For Equipment Supplier Submission please contact: