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Nisha Shah

Nisha Shah: Irving, Texas

Nisha and her husband, Ankit, moved to Dallas from New York 3 years ago due to

Ankit’s job. Nisha is a graduate from Pace University in New York, with a Finance

and Business degree. In New York, she worked as an investment banker. After moving

to Texas, Nisha and Ankit started a family and found herself as a stay-at-home

mom. They were in the process of having a house built near Irving, Texas. On the

way to the home designer’s office they noticed a Pita Pit. Nisha and her husband are

big foodies who are always looking for the next “hole in the wall” place with great

food. They were amazed with the food and loved the healthy aspect of Pita Pit.

Nisha excels with customer service. Her motto is “never say no.” She will always

find a way to take care of the customer. One example of “going above and beyond”

is when a new customer left his wallet at one of the tables in the restaurant. Nisha

could not find a phone number to call this customer, so she drove to his house to

return the wallet. This gentleman now frequents Pita Pit 3 times a week. Just last

week, a frantic customer called with a story of how they ordered food from another

restaurant, only to be told at the last minute the food would not make it. The frantic

customer asked Nisha if she could pull off 4 platters in 45 minutes, “during the

lunch rush.” Of course, Nisha said yes and made it happen on time. Recently Nisha

received a large catering order of $2000. US Foods Houston had roof damage due to

bad weather and Houston Pita Pits were moved to 1 delivery a week until October

27th. Nisha was resourceful and went to the US Foods Chef Store and was able to

provide the catering order on time!

erin donati

Erin Donati: Fort Myers, FL: 11/16/2019

Much of my motivation comes from being sick as a child. I had developed a tumor on myright kidney when I was seven. While I don't remember all of the pain andheartache my parents went through, I remember enough. They had to make hardchoices about my life. I am sure some were not easy. It’s something I hope noone ever experiences but it made me who I am today. It inspires me to continueon my journey because anything I face won’t be as tough as having cancer as ayouth. I can proudly say I'm 32+ years cancer-free!


I havea few philosophies but I think the two that stand out for me are living life toits fullest and if you don't work for it, you will end up in the same spot youare in today. I never want to look back on my life and say oh I shouldhave done this, or I wish I had not done that. I have no regrets in life andlove every day I am here. I was brought up to work hard and life pays you inthe end. I put my all into everything I do and that is why I am here todaybuying a franchise and starting the next chapter in my life.”


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